Everyone loves a grand entrance right?  The Rose Creek home leaves no room for anything less than grand.  From the time you step into the home, you are greeted with a massive chandelier that beautifies the ceiling, leaving a little sparkle everywhere you go.

The entrance of their home is a long corridor that provides entry into different parts of the home and ends with the kitchen, dining and living area.  Since, the entrance was so long, Ivy House filled the space with different areas to make it look polished and welcoming.

As you enter the home, a large mirror console is set by the stairway, breaking up the entrance into the hallway leading to the mudroom and salon.  Ivy House took a fresh approach and place books with earth tones and Mongolian lamb stools to add a little flair.  A large piece of abstract art set in blue tones is hung above. The space feels organic yet glam to balance the massive chandelier in the entrance and the more rustic feel home.

As you continue down the stretch, the seating area brings a little fun to the last part of the entrance.  A gray settee sits below a gorgeous French mirror.  Mongolian Lamb pillows embellish  the couch, to tie in the mirror console area. 

Our last look, is next to the powder bath.  As you turn right, there is a hallway for the powder bath, office and guest room.  The blank wall was screaming for something, so we placed a gold console with geometric shapes with a vintage gold mirror hung above.  The console is topped with black and white accessories and books to break up the gold, but does add to a more glam appeal. 

 Much like the rest of the home, every room is larger than average, so there was more work to put multiple cohesive looks together, but in the end they all turned out gorgeous!