They always say there needs to be a face with a name.  Well, Hello World.  Meet the founders of Ivy House: Kellie Hefner and Hanieh Pace. 

We have been so humbled by the support from all of you.   Starting a business is fun, stressful and let's be honest... a little bit insane.  All in all, it has been completely worth it, because we are chasing our dreams. 

Kellie and I met in college, some time ago.  We saw each other off and on, but never became close.  Fast forward, some years later and we found each other again.  The stars were aligned because both of us decided to build a home at the same time.   Not only did we unknowingly decide to build a home at the same time, but we just so happened to choose lots across the street from each other. 

Through the building process, Kellie and I started spending more time together.  We both realized our love for homes and design.  The home building process can be stressful, so it was nice to have a confidant through the whole ordeal.  In the end, it was a competition as to who would get to move in first and finally when both homes were complete a new friendship had blossomed. 

We decided to start Ivy House, because we knew this was something we were both passionate about.  You can read more about our vision in our first blog post: What's the Story.  We are true interior design junkies.  After we would put our kids to sleep,  we would spend hours at night, sifting through portfolios and design magazines, or rearranging our own homes (naturally all over a glass of wine or two). 

Between Kellie and I, we have 4 boys under the age of three.  Kellie has twin boys, 22 months old and I have two boys, one 3 and the other 18 months.  Starting a business with the support of our two husbands and our boys has been a blessing. 

However, starting a business with babies is also quite the challenge.  I will admit, there has been some mommy guilt, trying to balance a new business and also give out the same attention to our kiddos.  Kellie and I have conducted business meetings at parks and in playrooms.  And, just like having a newborn baby, we have stayed up into the wee hours of the night, finalizing projects and ordering furniture.  I have been in more stores I swore up and down I would never take my kids, and here they are attached to me.  I have bribed them with their organic, sugar free, non gmo, red dye 40-less snacks, more times than I know (welcome to parenting in 2016).  I think they will know what fabrics to pair with what chair before they turn five. 

In the end, it will be worth it, they will grow up big and strong and help us start moving furniture... just kidding.  It will be worth it, because we are teaching them to chase their dreams.  Our hope is they have an understanding that in order to achieve anything in life, they have to work for it.

Thank you again for all of your support.  Without you all, this would not be worth it.  We hope you come back and read our blog often.  We hope to inspire you to change your home into something you love.