Concrete used to anchor and support homes and buildings, has become the new wave of trend in design. Once defined as a cold, dark material, now concrete gives off an organic feel to a home. From lighting, to wall paper, to home accessories, concrete has brought a fresh element to the industrial look. However, mixed with metals such as bronze or gold, gives concrete a new appeal to contemporary design. Studio McGee used concrete beautifully in a recent project.  Concrete was inserted into different parts of the home from home accessories to the beautifully executed bathroom counter tops.  Studio McGee proved that concrete does not have to be used just for the industrial look, this look can conform into any design.

The only downside of using concrete, is it is expensive.  We currently had a bid for a recent client and concrete can be just as expensive as marble, if not more.  Using concrete can be labor intensive, and the cost of actual concrete depending on where you live can also be high.  However, the end results can turn out beautiful.  I am on board with this evolving trend!