When you design a fireplace, the last thing you want to do is cover your design.  However, in some cases, you need a fireplace screen to contain ashes, prevent kids from playing with said ashes or faux rocks and wood (whether you have a gas or electric fireplace), or for various other reasons.  We get it, you actually need to use the fireplace and it is not there to sit pretty ;). If you currently have a fireplace screen, throw it away, because we have found some super chic fireplace screens that will add a lovely element to your room.  Fireplace screens can range from affordable to literally works of art (ranging $1,000 +).  We found a happy medium for everyone, enjoy!

1//Horchow $308

2//Wayfair $238

3//Horchow $322

4//Lamps Plus $89

5//Wayfair $91

6//Lamps Plus $89

Other notable fireplace screens: 1//2//3//4//