"My motto in life is "Take risks"; you don't have a voice if you don't.  You have to venture outside your boundaries.  That's what life's all about. " -Kelly Wearstler

One of our favorite designers is Kelly Wearstler.  The best way I can describe her is Sarah Jessica Parker wrapped up in both fashion and interior design.  She is a style icon and by far the quintessential definition of California Chic.

Kelly Wearstler took the design world by storm when she began designing boutique hotels, most notable is the Avalon Beverly Hills and the Viceroy Hotels in the early 90's.  Kelly's designs are the epitome of chic with a playful side.  Every space is methodically designed from each square inch, from the custom designed wall paper to the hand crafted floors, to give off an effortless ambiance.

Kelly designs with rich hues and funky objects that creates an assortment of eye catching focal points.  I can only imagine walking into a room she has designed and you would probably feel like you were playing ping pong, with your eyes going from one direction to another.  The best part about her designs, is everything has a story.  She doesn't simply just place items because they go together or look good, but just like a story behind an art piece, she has a story for her spaces.  

From her early days of design, she has created a beautiful luxury brand that embodies her elegant style. She now is one the most sought after interior designers, from hotels to A-list celebrities, she designs both residential and commercial properties.  You know you have become a style icon, when you can walk into a room and know that it is designed by Kelly Wearstler.  

You can learn more about Kelly Wearstler here. Happy Wednesday Everyone!