The popularity of butler's pantries in new builds has almost taken over the importance of the actual kitchen.  The hub of the kitchen has changed from food prep and storage, to an open space with minimal storage and counter tops.  The demise of the kitchen has created a new space to purely entertain.  Let's face it, a pretty kitchen means the focal point being the actual kitchen design (range hood, light fixtures, detailed cabinets and hardware) and not the appliances adorning the counter tops and snacks all over.  In my perfect world, everything has a home and place and that does not include everyone knowing what groceries I bought that week.

If you are in the home building process or renovation process, the best thing to do is to figure out what essentials are going to be in your butler's pantry.  Do you want a pantry that includes a place for appliances and food, as well as wet bar?  I have seen designs that include an additional fridge, so that you don't have to take away space in another part of the home for that essential.

My favorite layout for the butler's pantry is have the design be included with the kitchen.  The butler's pantry directly behind the kitchen, almost as a hidden kitchen is the best use of space. If you are super organized all the time, having french doors leading into your butler's pantry can also add a chic element.

Another component is to make sure your pantry has adjustable shelves.  As your needs change, you can use adjustable shelves to store dinnerware, snacks, entertaining essentials.  in addition, having ample counter top space, so appliances are easily accessible.  The butler's pantry in terms of storage should be the most thought out, since this something that will be used constantly.  

You guys, the last picture is from one of my favorite homes currently on the market in the Oklahoma City area right now.  Check out this gorgeous home and the custom features!

Happy Wednesday everyone!