I know, I know, before you roll your eyes, I am not a huge fan of the Kardashians either. Sometimes they might be background noise while I fold laundry, but that is about as far as I will admit my liking to them.  With that said, no one can deny their impeccable taste in homes and design.  Personally, if I had to choose a favorite (or lesser of evils), it would be Kourtney.  She has always shown such a sophistication, yet undeniable eye for home design.  Her homes have always been the reason why I would ever watch the show.  She has renovated two homes, that I am aware of, each home is designed with bold colors, loud furniture and a blend of black and white. Recently, both Kourtney and Khloe were in Architectural Digest, which featured both homes.  

Both sisters used the same designer, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, who designs for a variety of A-list celebrities.  He is loud and bold with his designs.  There isn't a statement piece or color he is not afraid of, and when you enter one of the rooms he has designed, you know that it was him who created the space.  Side Note: If you can remember several years back, Bravo had a show called "Million Dollar Decorators", which is still one of my favorite reality shows (naturally) and would do just about anything for Bravo to bring it back.  Martyn was one the show's main stars.

Kourtney and Khloe have very different tastes and that came through with their home design. Kourtney's home has a modern ambiance to it, with a more organic setting.  Greenery and neutral tones set the palette for the home.  Art brings pop of colors along with a variety of rugs and curtains.  The home has hints of mid century design with the light fixture over the dining area and furniture throughout the house.  One particular thing I have always loved about Kourtney's homes is her kids' rooms.  They are both whimsical and fun.   I love everything about Kourtney's home, it was a perfect balance of modern with a kid friendly approach.

Khloe has always had a more glam feel to her homes.  Golds, fur and sparkle fill both her current home and previous home.  One thing I do remember from watching the show, is her closet.  Words may not be able to describe how perfectly organized and gorgeous her closet is.  One thing, I read is Khloe is extremely organized, from her pantry to her closet, everything has a place.  I am sure she has full-time staff to get it that way, but I digress.  

In her current home, lots of pattern fill the space, from the rugs, to the  black and white tiles adoring the ceiling. Black and gold tones fill her home, giving off the glam vibe.  Her living room has a sitting area that is draped in fabric from ceiling to floor, that gives off such a feminine ambiance.  A personal favorite is her theater room that has metallic tones, and each seat is covered in fur. 

Love them or hate them, no one can deny their impeccable home designs.  To read more on their homes, visit Architectural Digest