Go big or go home when it comes to statement lighting.  Lighting is one focal point in the room that can give off that WOW factor.  I always say, if everything else was average and you pull in an amazing light fixture, it can competently turn a room around.  Personally, from a young age I have always been obsessed with chandeliers.  And by chandeliers, I mean the kind that can illuminate an entire house, with every strand of crystal shining so bright, you can't help but stare, like you are trying to stare at the sun (being blinded in the process). 

Light fixtures not only have that wow factor, but also bring art and creativity to a space.  Many artists have produced elegant pieces that adorn ceilings instead of walls.  The intricacy of design and work into a light fixture creates an art form that literally shines.  

With any light fixture, there is a price point for everyone.  The best thing to do is find something that matches your personality, as well as your home.  Do not be deterred by the fact, that you may have found something outside of you price point, because the best part of designing today, is that there is always a replica or something similar that may be cheaper.  A lot of people may not know, but if you are on a budget, go to your local Habitat for Humanity store.  Many builders and designers will donate lighting that are brand new.  I have seen many bloggers post about high end lighting they have found for virtually nothing! 

Here is some inspiration for your Tuesday!