Both Kellie and I spent the long weekend at the lake.  Kellie was at Grand Lake, which is about 3 hours north of Oklahoma City and I was at Lake Eufaula, which is about 2 hours east of OKC.  One thing about Oklahoma is, there may not be beaches, but we sure enjoy our time at the lake.  There are hundreds of lakes everywhere, and it doesn't take but a short or long drive to get to one.

I am fortunate enough to have a best friend with a lake house, that I get to spend the majority of my summer weekends at, relaxing and spending quality time with our friends.  The home is massive, with five bedrooms, however, draws in a welcoming feel because the floor plan downstairs is pretty open (besides a few rooms no one ever goes into).  You know where everyone is, at all times, which is great when you have kids running around.

My husband always talks about getting a lake house one day for our family.  I am in between about this idea, but my design brain doesn't seem to shut out the idea.  When it comes to lake homes, I feel like you could go with two design aesthetics: rustic or beach cottage. Since, I know one day, he would want something very manly and rustic, but I would like a more cottage feel, I know we would need to meet in the middle.  

I love the idea of having a giant sun room in the back of the house, that overlooks the lake.  In addition, having a balcony off the master suite or wrap around balcony on the second floor to enjoy the views as well.  Built in bunk beds would be a must, so that we could entertain several families with kids. Wood beams throughout the house and shiplap walls would create that rustic ambiance.   I love the idea of having wood floors throughout the house, but also have pattern tiles as well.  Pattern tiles would be a great material to use, since it would take the encumbrance of water, dirt and any debris that is drawn in from the outside.  Blue and white color palette paired with light walls and furniture create the perfect cottage feel.  Deep colors such as red, green, black and shades of darker blue would tie in the more traditional cabin flair.

Whatever your style is, your lake house is your getaway.  A white cottage or a rustic cabin can create a place where you can relax and forget about the outside world.