There is no secret that we have a love affair with coffee table books.  Coffee table books are a great accessory to add to any space.  From entry tables, cocktail tables, to actually adoring book shelves, one way to really have your personality shine through your home is through books.  

One of our favorite hobbies is to go to old book stores (I know, we are living the high life here, people) and pick out books that have interesting titles that will reflect our clients' personalities. Basically, it becomes a game to pick out the best titles with the best cover.  If you have a stack of old hardcover books, take off the book cover/ jacket/sleeve (whatever you want to call it) and it will reveal some true beauty.  Naked books, as I like to call it, books without the book jackets, typically have the prettiest colors to work with.  

Next time you are at a garage sale, estate sale, or used book store make sure to sift through the books, you might find some hidden gems that will look great in your home!