Well hello there strangers.  Long time no chat.  Sorry for the delay in blog posts, we have had a crazy, fun, wild couple of weeks.  Lots of projects have been completed and we are beyond excited to share everything we have been working on.  

With that said, do you see that adorable bathroom picture above?  This powder bath belongs to a fun, outgoing family that we had a blast working with.  Really, it was love at first sight when we met them, we loved their style and they were not afraid of pushing their design limits. You will get to tour their gorgeous home in the weeks to come.

Our clients get all the credit for this powder bath.  From the floating vanity to the metallic floral wall paper, this is a great first impression of their style and their home.

This amazing powder bath was the inspiration for today's post: Floral Wallpaper.  I have come to realize that when we talk about wallpaper to a client, I think memories of their grandmother's dated wallpaper floods their minds.  They seem taken aback, and a state of shock comes over them.  It's okay..I get it...I would feel the same.  Sometimes grandma's wallpaper haunts my thoughts too. 

However, don't shy away from something that can give your home the ultimate wow factor.  With so many amazing designs from neutrals to eclectic wallpaper, there is something for everyone. 

We decided to wind down this post strictly to floral wallpaper.  We had a hard time sticking to just 8 options, there are so many beautiful options out there.  Wallpaper is something we could talk about for days, especially floral wall paper. A few of our favorite wallpapers come from: York, Schumacher, Anthropologie, Caitlin Wilson...really the sources are endless, but these are good starting points.

If you are not married to the idea of permanent wallpaper, there are several options out there for removable wallpaper.  Chasing Paper and Graham & Brown are great retailers with lots of options.  There are also some amazing Etsy stores: LoveCOLORAY, AccentWallCustoms, BohoWalls.  This one is not floral, but a gorgeous marble print: Betapet

Okay, I am going to have to stop myself here.  Like I said, I could go on and on about wallpaper. Enjoy our floral wallpaper picks and have a great Tuesday!