We are so excited to share this project.  Our Canyon Lakes project was one that really fun and colorful to put together.  Our clients recently finished building their gorgeous home and needed assistance pulling it all together.  They wanted to have a space that was bright with lots of color. Our hearts went pittar patter to the sounds of this.  How could you not be happy in a space with bright colors?  The layout of the space is a combined living, kitchen and dining area.  We have mentioned before, this layout is great for families, everyone can be in one space.  

For our reveal, we wanted to start with the dining room.  The focal point of the room is the gorgeous abstract art along with the light fixture over the dining table.  The art is from an up and coming local artist that we adore, Sara Michael (Art by Sara Kay).  Her pieces are visually stunning and we used her to commission the painting over the sideboard.  I love how the painting draws in both the dining room and the colors we used in the living room.  The dining table is an existing piece that we paired with some gorgeous low back chairs.  The chairs are in a gray leather fabric that will work great with kids.  The sideboard is a craigslist find, that we sent to a local painter to finish the piece in a high gloss white paint.  We changed out the existing bronze knobs on the sideboard for lucite ones, to give a more updated look.  Besides the art, our favorite pieces are the two gold lamps, they resemble works of art!

We couldn't be more happy about how the overall space turned out.  The space gives an elegant feel that is also warm and inviting.  Stay tuned for the living room reveal!