One thing that I miss about my living room, is having an actual coffee table.  Right now, with my kids running around and jumping off everything, the one thing I can attempt to control is having an ottoman as my coffee table.  Not to say, I won't get another coffee table in the near future, I just want my kids to have stitch-less faces for the time being.  Kellie is much braver than me, she just bought a gorgeous lucite coffee table that is (knock on wood) working out with the twins.  I am a wee bit jealous of the new edition to her living room, which makes me think I should put my big girl pants on soon and say a prayer to the design Gods, that my kids won't mind a new edition that has sharp edges and not comfy to jump off of.

Designing for new clients puts a lot of things into perspective.  There are those without kids and those with kids that have all taken the plunge into stylish new coffee tables or cocktail table (for those who are fancy with their design vocabulary).  There are so many varieties, from mode mid century design, round shape, or your standard rectangular or square shape.  A few personal favorites is a Pottery Barn (seriously, they have stepped up their design game) gold, drum shape table.  I love this table alone or even paired together with the same table to add dimension to a room.  

Another personal favorite is Horchow's lucite coffee table.  Each store has their own variation of a lucite coffee table, but the turned legs on Horchow's lucite table make it a timeless piece and defiantly conversation worthy for a chic living space. The price point is high, but if you willing to make the investment, then I would highly recommend this piece.  

Below are some favorites from several different price points.  Happy Tuesday everyone!