I am anxiously awaiting tonight when I jet off to Austin, Texas for a bachelorette party this weekend.  I think I am to the point, my brain is fried and some sun, laughter with best friends and great food & drinks will help my soul.  Over the past couple of weeks, I have been reshaping my wardrobe to pack for the trip.  From distressed denim shorts to flowy tops, I even bought my first pair of Birkenstocks (I know, I am taking it to another level).  I think I am ready to hit the road running.  

Austin, Texas is a different world compared to the rest of Texas.  The atmosphere is nothing like you would find, lots of great music, the food is insane and the overall laid back lifestyle.  I have to add, I am a huge OU fan, so saying these nice things about the city of Austin has nothing to do with University of Texas (just kidding, we love all of our UT readers).

There has been a recent trend in boho chic in home decor.   You can be subtle with this trend by adding vibrant vintage rugs or hints of greenery (think Fiddle Leaf Figs).  Or, you can totally embrace it, by adding wood stain furniture, pattern pillows in hues of red, orange, white and black, shag rugs and lots of greenery.  

I love the trend, and you don't have to spend a fortune to obtain the look you want.  H&M has a variety of affordable options, that I love: Pillow //Lumbar Pillow//Rug//Vase//Basket//.  Start searching Craig's list, estate sales, garage sales or even your grandparents' homes for items that reflect the 1970's and you can score big for a small price.

Here is some Boho inspiration for your Thursday.  A great instagram account is The Jungalow, if you love the boho look they have it all day everyday. Have a great weekend everyone!  Make sure you follow along on our Instagram, and follow along on my trip!