Happy Monday everyone!  Today has been quite the Monday, Kellie and I have been back and forth between homes, getting lots of new stuff for clients and playing with our boys in between job sites.  "So much to do, so little time" has taken on a whole new meaning today.  

I am excited to reveal our 67th street project.  My best friend recently renovated her home and needed some finishing touches to make her home feel complete.  I loved this project, because it is a great way to show you how to make your home complete without having to completely change the entire space.  A lot of the project was using existing pieces of furniture, but finding new accents to update the space.  

Today, we are revealing the dining room and small area in the kitchen.  The dining room was a closed off space that was dark and basically dislocated from the rest of the home.  During the renovation process, they decided to tear down part of the wall to make the dining room connect to the kitchen for a more open space.  

Our clients wanted to keep their existing dining furniture for now, along with the rug.  Kellie and I decided to minimize the clutter and put natural light into the room.  We took down the blinds in the dining room.  We added gorgeous silk curtains, that in my opinion are some of my favorite curtains out there.  We changed the low hanging light fixture and updated it with a more transitional fixture.  We added two pieces of art to compliment the walls.  Overall, we wanted to keep the space minimal with decor and really let the natural light soak in to make it fresh and clean.

In addition to the dining room, there is a small part of the kitchen that didn't have a function.  Essentially, it is the connecting wall into the dining room.  Since, the dining room is where they want to eat their meals on a daily basis, there wasn't a reason to put another dining set in the kitchen. We oringally wanted a Restoration Hardware sideboard, however, after many phone calls of tracking it down, it was sold out everywhere in the size and color we needed.  We found this side board on Wayfair and I could not be happier the way it turned out.  I love how the dark wood compliments the red books and artwork above.  The artwork is from Home Goods, and also one of my favorite art finds.  My best friend went to culinary school after college, so I wanted a place where she could display some of her favorite cook books.  

Overall, knowing how dark the space used to be, I love how this space utilizes the natural light and really makes the house shine.  Again, just small updates, such as new curtains, light fixture and removing blinds makes a huge impact.  Tomorrow, I'll reveal the entry and living area.