This is our second reveal of our 67th street project.  Starting with the entry, we wanted to create a more elegant, yet welcoming feel when you walk into their home.  The state of the entry before, was dark and crowded.  The light fixtures needed to be replaced with ones that have more bulbs to produce more light.  We didn't want to make the entry feel smaller, so instead of using a low hanging light fixture for the entry lights, we decided to use flush mount light fixtures.  The space feels more open and welcoming with the additional lights.  

We changed out the entry console, for a table that was less bulky with great lines and a stone top.  I found two gorgeous table lamps from target, that have a great brass color and gave enough height to draw your eyes up.  I added some travel books, to reflect the clients' love for travelling.  To top off the entry, we added a simple wood clover mirror to pull everything together.

For the living space, we did some minor changes, by adding new curtains and fresh decor on the walls.  The clients' had a large office, so we used the extra space to create a small playspace for their kids.  By doing so, we solved a lot of the spacial issues in the living room, by removing the toys and rug, and putting them in the new playroom.  The curtains make a dramatic impact to the space.  They greatly opened up the space and show off their oversized door and windows. We chose a more gray color, to compliment the walls, sectional and other existing furniture.  If the clients' down the road want to change their furniture, the curtains are in a neutral color for any color palette.  

The paint color was also changed to a light gray, from the previous glazed beige.  This makes the room feel warm and goes amazing with the existing furniture pieces. 

Overall, by changing the paint color and curtains, these small changes created a dramatic impact for this living space.  Like I said before, it doesn't take much to change a space.