I hope everyone had a fun-filled, safe 4th of July.  If post-4th of July depression is a thing, I think I have it.  The past three days, I have been so used to waking up late, pool time, eating, napping (while my kids nap) and going back outside again, that I must have thought this was my new reality.  My kids practically think swim trunks are the new norm, and not sure what it is like to move their arms without floaties attached.  

As we were driving home from fireworks last night, I got giddy with anticipation thinking about how my kids were going to sleep in late and how we could all recover from the weekend activities tomorrow, until my husband started talking about his work day ahead.  My mind started to panic a little, I started to crash back into reality of tomorrow is a work day.  Why can't every summer day be the 4th of July?  

However, nothing makes the day better than finding some good deals.  I am happy to say we are back to finding you great deals by bringing back "Ivy House Home Picks Under $50".  We have had so many projects going, the research that goes into this blog post, took a back seat.

I am a true lover of shopping small.  I know sometimes the best deals are found at big box stores, but if possible, I try to source from Etsy stores or other smaller entities.  I came across an Etsy store: Aloriam .  Aloriam has a ton...I mean a ton of amazing pillows for a small prices.  They have a lot of great patterns to pick from, along with solids that come in a variety of different fabrics.  Also, while researching this post, I came across a great source for indoor/outdoor rugs: FabHabitat or you can try this site FabHabitat.  I haven't personally shopped from this site yet, but for the price point and the amazing reviews, it would be worth a shot to try out their rugs.  There is a variety of rugs in great patterns that will appease any decor style.  

Happy shopping everyone!