We recieved a lot of feedback on this instagram post  the other day.  I think it is safe to say, that although the classic white kitchens are always beautiful and timeless, there are more paint colors that will give a more modern touch.  Navy, emerald green and even black have given the "classic" kitchen an unconventional appeal.  

I love how the gray in this kitchen balances so well with the white marble.  The sun beaming into the room creates a clean, crisp space.  Much like a white tone kitchen, the gray tones help create depth into the room by adding a neutral color palette.  If you would like to add more color to your kitchen, but want to keep a neutral palette, then gray would be your best option.

After visiting Vegas Market, the new "it" color is emerald green or a deep green.  I am absolutely in love with this color palette.  The color blends in beautifully with either a marble countertop or even a natural wood counter top.  You can also mix different elements to create a more rustic or modern approach.  I love the idea of mixing natural woods, such as wood beams or shelves into a kitchen to create a more rustic approach.  A marble waterfall island and clean lines create a more modern touch.  The green can make any kitchen stand out, in a postive light.  Lori Paranjape, one of my favorite designers created such a refreshing kitchen, when she painted her island a soft green.  The green island stands out, almost like art.  The rest of the palette remains neutral with white cabinetry. The added colors in the room are through accessories, with art and a runner that adds a brilliant pop of color against the green and white.

Below are some great examples of gorgeous green kitchens {the first one is Cameron Diaz's kitchen}.

Here are some great options for a green color scheme.

I was going to write about multiple kitchen paint colors in this one post, but naturally my computer likes to run as slow as possible when I do a blog post.  I am about to pour a glass of wine before I lose my mind from seeing the rainbow circle again.  Tomorrow I will do a post over our favorite black and blue kitchens!  Happy Wednesday!