This is Part II of our unconventional paint series for the kitchen.  Navy and black have really made a splash in kitchens.  I keep seeing them pop up more and more.  They are bold, but such a great option if you really want your kitchen to be its own space.  

I am crazy about navy cabinetry right now.  I am hoping to start on my husband's home office soon and we are defiantly doing navy paint with brass hardware (if I could insert the heart eye emojie here, I would).  The thing about navy or any darker blue, it sometimes looks black or vice versa.  If the black tones are light enough, they can carry a blue or gray undertone.  If you are in between two colors, you can choose a softer black that picks up more blue tones.  

The other thing about blue paint in your kitchen, is you do want to avoid making it too "ketchy".  Keeping the look of a classic kitchen with great lines or pairing the blue paint with the right countertops, backsplash, and even accessories can produce a more timeless feel.  

Another favorite trend right now, if you are not married to the idea of painting both upper and lower cabinetry in such a bold color, you can break it up by paining the upper or lowers in a neutral palette, like a soft white.  This creates a color block effect that neutralizes the tone of the black and blue paint and the end product creates a really clean space.  

Black kitchens are just beautiful when done right.  Paired with the perfect color palette, much like a white kitchen, any color pops against black tones beautifully.  I feel like the color black always gets a bad rap: serious, unhappy, dark.  However, black can be just as cheerful and warm as a white kitchen.  A black pallet with a gray or blue undertone can create a warm environment.  A gorgeous kilim runner that pulls lighter hues such a cream, blues, and even pinks can pull together a black bold space and make it warm and sophisticated.  The key is balance, if you are going to go bold in color, the end results should have a balance feel with lighter counter tops, light fixtures and accessories. 

{I couldn't decide if this looked more blue or black, but you can make that judgement}