Happy Thursday everyone!  Kellie and I are recovering from the whirlwind that is Las Vegas Market.  Let me tell you, 5 million square feet of the best of the best when it comes to home decor, furniture, textiles and so much more, is probably the most fun I have had in awhile.  I can't imagine the amount of steps we took from building to building, but if they had a fitbit for the amount of times we said "oh my gosh", I would like to know the number.  

The fact that we have been staring at a screen all year gazing over products to fill our clients' homes, and now we can finally see EVERYTHING in person, is amazing.  We didn't make it to all the exhibits we wanted, however, we plan on going to High Point this fall to see it all again.  

I think the highlight of our time was attending the "Best of the West" panel.  There were several designers that I have been following for years, and I finally got to see them and even meet them.  I felt like such a fan girl (a few tears may have been shed...no judgement) meeting Studio McGee and Sita Montgomery.  Both hail from the new design mecca of Salt Lake City.  Both were exceptionally nice and helpful with my 1000 questions.  Both are just complete rock stars in the industry, it was such an honor to meet them and chat with them.

We saw a lot of current trends.  During the panel Shea McGee of Studio McGee mentioned the color green was trending, which we saw a lot.  We also noticed more modern colors, such as rose gold being incorporated into furniture and decor.  I am loving the boho chic trend that I continuously saw throughout market.  The fun patterns and bright colors, will add to warmth to any home.  All around, each exhibit was absolutely stunning and had our heads turning every step of the way. 

*please excuse the not so great quality iPhone pictures*

A personal favorite place to visit are the Global Views and Studio A exhibit.  Both exhibits, were incredible and felt as if we were walking through a museum.  This was great inspiration for our upcoming projects.  

I think we had so many "oh my gosh" moments at Bungalow 5

Loving the sleek designs at Oly Studio.

The works of art at Tommy Mitchell were absolutely stunning!

We loved this gorgeous window display at Cyan Design.

Currey & Co just kills it with lighting options.

Below is a few more of our favorite market pictures

We can't wait to go back to Las Vegas Market next year!