Picking out materials for a new build or remodel can be a daunting task.  Choosing the right material to play with your design aesthetic, but also meets your needs in terms of practicality is essential.  I love the trend of cement tiles in the home, it can bring a playful pattern to a space, yet is practical.  If the tiles are sealed correctly, cement tiles can last up to 50 years. 

I keep seeing cement tiles pop up in design from time to time and it is slowly becoming more popular throughout the country.  When I think of pattern cement tiles, it comes off as more of a west coast trend.  The bold patterns mixed with lighter woods, neutral tones create the perfect palette for a California home.  There is also more of a scientific reason for this as well, if you plan on using cement tiles for outdoor use, cement tiles tend to last longer in tropical weather, or climates that do not fall below freezing. Don't fret, if you live in a climate with temperatures that tend to sore below freezing, encaustic tiles (that are essentially cement tiles), will hold up to climates that fall below freezing.

Should I give you a tile quiz yet?  Nope, ok...moving on to the fun part.  If you want to give your home a fun update, or even a small space some extra personality, I love {LOVE} love the look of cement tiles.  With the right patterns, these tiles can become works of art.  The best part is, if you do have an indoor space that carries to the outdoors, these tiles can create a bold look for both spaces.  I'll let the pictures do the convincing, these tiles are show stoppers!

Top: 1//2//3//

Middle: 1//2//

Bottom: 1//2//3//