Wow.  How is it already October?  Time is seriously flying by!  Sorry for the lack of blog posts, Kellie and I have been so busy with all of our projects.  We are so excited to reveal our latest project, you can see the sneak peek here.

As we are doing the finishing touches on our projects, there has been one common denominator with each project: Vintage Rugs.

Vintage rugs has gained such a popularity in the design world and we equally love the effect it has on a space.  I love the intricacy of the designs, the bright and bold colors and the story behind each rug.  Even our clients, whom some of them were against bold colors, end up falling in love with how these rugs can create such a bold statement in their space.

Authentic vintage rugs are not mass produced, so you have to put effort into finding the perfect one. Some of our favorite places to look is: eSaleRugs, Charish, oldvinshop, Kaya Kilim.  The other options would be to search eBay, Craigslist, estate sales (a good place to find vintage rugs) or your local antique stores.  If you are on a budget, you can also search Overstock or Wayfair.  The only negative about buying online is you are taking a gamble on what you see online vs what actually ships to you, the overall look can vary.  The other part is, the sizes also vary greatly, which means that coming across the perfect rug in the perfect size is not an easy task.  However, when you find the perfect rug in the perfect size, it really is a rewarding experience to see it in the space. 

We always recommend wool rugs, since machine made rugs can break down in a short amount of time.  Although wool rugs can be more expensive, there are a lot of positives about them.  Wool rugs are a natural noise reducer.  If you have babies and wood floors, you know everything echos. Wool rugs can help reduce the noise inside and outside of the home...don't thank me now, thank me when your babies are not woken up by the slight foot steps of you sneaking out of their room at night (or army crawling, if you are me). They also last a long time...50+ years (machine made rugs last 3-5 years).  The best part about wool rugs are: they are really easy to clean, hard to stain and wool rugs repeal water.  Have I convinced you yet?

Personally, we have had several rugs passed down from both my husband and I's grandparents and they are in perfect condition.  If you want the perfect statement piece, that unfolds the story of your home, I would definitely suggest investing in a good vintage rug.