Happy Monday!  This is the first Monday in awhile, that I felt on routine.  The last month has just felt like a constant vacation, barely knowing what day of the week it was.

We are so excited to reveal our Downsview Project dining room.  We completed this dining room just before Thanksgiving, just in time for the holidays.  Much like our Beaupre project, this home has a lot of french country design, that our clients wanted to move away from and into a more transitional design.  The dining room has sprawling ceilings with a large window that creates a gorgeous focal point, not only in the dining room, but also when you walk into the front doors.  

We really wanted to set the tone for the home by creating an elegant space that fit the overall esthetic of the home.  The color palette contains neutral white tones that compliment the deep gray of the dining end chairs, the gold chandelier and the pink oriental rug.  

Our client's had a hutch in their dining room they wanted to reuse, the color was a deep brown, that we had repainted in a glossy white.  Instead of doing a large piece of art, we were inspired by the wallpaper panels we keep seeing.  We found some art panels that reflect the same chinoiserie wallpaper, but instead this art is made out of wood.  We placed gold sconces on either side, so the panels were not overwhelmed by the amount of wall space. 

My favorite part of the dining room is the gorgeous chandelier.  Previously, there was an iron chandelier that was way too small for the space.  With the massive height of the ceilings, we knew  we needed something that was going to produce a wow factor.  The chandelier provides the right amount of elegance with the draped beads, without overdoing it. Side Note:  I got a few gray hairs watching this chandelier get installed.  The ceilings were so tall, the electrician had to stack multiple ladders to reach the top.  I was closing my eyes, praying to the design Gods that these guys would not fall off the ladder.

Our clients also wanted to get some great end chairs for their dining room table.  We agreed, this would help break up the current chairs, but also provide additional color into the space.  The chairs are perfect for this space.  The gray color of the chair blends beautifully with the colors of the space and the detailed design of the chair completes this elegant room.

We are so happy with the way this dining room came out!  We can't wait to share some of our other projects with you!