Design Crush: Cement Tiles

Design Crush: Cement Tiles

Picking out materials for a new build or remodel can be a daunting task.  Choosing the right material to play with your design aesthetic, but also meets your needs in terms of practicality is essential.  I love the trend of cement tiles in the home, it can bring a playful pattern to a space, yet is practical.  If the tiles are sealed correctly, cement tiles can last up to 50 years. 

I keep seeing cement tiles pop up in design from time to time and it is slowly becoming more popular throughout the country.  When I think of pattern cement tiles, it comes off as more of a west coast trend.  The bold patterns mixed with lighter woods, neutral tones create the perfect palette for a California home.  There is also more of a scientific reason for this as well, if you plan on using cement tiles for outdoor use, cement tiles tend to last longer in tropical weather, or climates that do not fall below freezing. Don't fret, if you live in a climate with temperatures that tend to sore below freezing, encaustic tiles (that are essentially cement tiles), will hold up to climates that fall below freezing.

Should I give you a tile quiz yet?  Nope, ok...moving on to the fun part.  If you want to give your home a fun update, or even a small space some extra personality, I love {LOVE} love the look of cement tiles.  With the right patterns, these tiles can become works of art.  The best part is, if you do have an indoor space that carries to the outdoors, these tiles can create a bold look for both spaces.  I'll let the pictures do the convincing, these tiles are show stoppers!

Top: 1//2//3//

Middle: 1//2//

Bottom: 1//2//3//

Design Crush: Black Windows + Doors

Design Crush: Black Windows + Doors

Hello!  I hope everyone had a wonderful, relaxing labor day weekend.  I can't believe the end of summer is near.  I am the opposite of most people, I push away from fall decor early on and want to stretch summer out as long as possible.

I posted an amazing picture on our instagram page over the weekend of a space that I have just been dying over.  I love the look of black windows and doors in a home.  I think it gives such a beautiful, polished look to a room.  The black gives such a dramatic effect, and in this space is presented beautifully with floor to ceiling doors and windows that highlights the outdoors in the most fabulous way.

Black windows or doors gives off a modern element to a room, but can easily be paired with transitional or contemporary furnishings. I think most people shy away from black because of how bold black can be, however, in this case I think it blends in beautifully with any design aesthetic.   

Have you fallen in love with this design concept?  There are some things that I wish we had done when we built our house, however, when I see black windows or doors, it makes me get the itch to build another house.  If you are in the building or remodel process, I would say this would be my number one suggestion, if it fits your design aesthetic. Black windows against a white home, is just oh so chic.  

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Labor Day Weekend Sales

Labor Day Weekend Sales

Hi Everyone!  I am counting down the days to Labor Day weekend and the start of college football.  We bleed crimson and cream over in our house (Go Sooners!) and every Saturday in the fall is marked with ESPN game day on at the crack of dawn and a day filled with friends, family, food, more food, some wine...okay maybe a lot of wine and a lot of football.  

Also, with the pending Labor Day weekend ahead of us, there are a crazy amount of Labor Day sales this weekend.  This is one of the few holidays, where most stores will have some sort of sale.  If you are in between on getting new furniture, art, home decor, this is the weekend for you.  I hate buying anything full price, I want to maximize the amount of discounts I can get on a product, mainly because nothing hurts more than buying something and seeing it go on sale the next day, week or month.  

Here are some great sales to look out for this weekend:

Pottery Barn: Buy More, Save More

I have a couple of clients who love Pottery Barn, and I spotted these great products:

PART II: Unconventional Kitchen Trends: Navy & Black Paint

PART II: Unconventional Kitchen Trends: Navy & Black Paint

This is Part II of our unconventional paint series for the kitchen.  Navy and black have really made a splash in kitchens.  I keep seeing them pop up more and more.  They are bold, but such a great option if you really want your kitchen to be its own space.  

I am crazy about navy cabinetry right now.  I am hoping to start on my husband's home office soon and we are defiantly doing navy paint with brass hardware (if I could insert the heart eye emojie here, I would).  The thing about navy or any darker blue, it sometimes looks black or vice versa.  If the black tones are light enough, they can carry a blue or gray undertone.  If you are in between two colors, you can choose a softer black that picks up more blue tones.  

The other thing about blue paint in your kitchen, is you do want to avoid making it too "ketchy".  Keeping the look of a classic kitchen with great lines or pairing the blue paint with the right countertops, backsplash, and even accessories can produce a more timeless feel.  

Another favorite trend right now, if you are not married to the idea of painting both upper and lower cabinetry in such a bold color, you can break it up by paining the upper or lowers in a neutral palette, like a soft white.  This creates a color block effect that neutralizes the tone of the black and blue paint and the end product creates a really clean space.  

Black kitchens are just beautiful when done right.  Paired with the perfect color palette, much like a white kitchen, any color pops against black tones beautifully.  I feel like the color black always gets a bad rap: serious, unhappy, dark.  However, black can be just as cheerful and warm as a white kitchen.  A black pallet with a gray or blue undertone can create a warm environment.  A gorgeous kilim runner that pulls lighter hues such a cream, blues, and even pinks can pull together a black bold space and make it warm and sophisticated.  The key is balance, if you are going to go bold in color, the end results should have a balance feel with lighter counter tops, light fixtures and accessories. 

{I couldn't decide if this looked more blue or black, but you can make that judgement}

Unconventional Kitchen Trends: Green Paint

Unconventional Kitchen Trends: Green Paint

We recieved a lot of feedback on this instagram post  the other day.  I think it is safe to say, that although the classic white kitchens are always beautiful and timeless, there are more paint colors that will give a more modern touch.  Navy, emerald green and even black have given the "classic" kitchen an unconventional appeal.  

I love how the gray in this kitchen balances so well with the white marble.  The sun beaming into the room creates a clean, crisp space.  Much like a white tone kitchen, the gray tones help create depth into the room by adding a neutral color palette.  If you would like to add more color to your kitchen, but want to keep a neutral palette, then gray would be your best option.

After visiting Vegas Market, the new "it" color is emerald green or a deep green.  I am absolutely in love with this color palette.  The color blends in beautifully with either a marble countertop or even a natural wood counter top.  You can also mix different elements to create a more rustic or modern approach.  I love the idea of mixing natural woods, such as wood beams or shelves into a kitchen to create a more rustic approach.  A marble waterfall island and clean lines create a more modern touch.  The green can make any kitchen stand out, in a postive light.  Lori Paranjape, one of my favorite designers created such a refreshing kitchen, when she painted her island a soft green.  The green island stands out, almost like art.  The rest of the palette remains neutral with white cabinetry. The added colors in the room are through accessories, with art and a runner that adds a brilliant pop of color against the green and white.

Below are some great examples of gorgeous green kitchens {the first one is Cameron Diaz's kitchen}.

Here are some great options for a green color scheme.

I was going to write about multiple kitchen paint colors in this one post, but naturally my computer likes to run as slow as possible when I do a blog post.  I am about to pour a glass of wine before I lose my mind from seeing the rainbow circle again.  Tomorrow I will do a post over our favorite black and blue kitchens!  Happy Wednesday!